reverse osmosis drinking water filter

 A great home and office water solution with virtually  unlimited quality water producing great tasting, low cost water in a  compact and easy to change 5 Stage filtration system. Our Reverse  Osmosis process purifies water at the molecular level. This system will  provide you and your family with the purest drinking water available on  the market today. 


Platinum Line

The AES Platinum Line of water treatment equipment  offers the most advanced performance in the industry with highly  efficient water handling in a compact, modern space -saving design.  After years of research and extensive engineering, we have been able to  build a state of the art line of water conditioners and water filters  that provide the end user with unmatched water savings. 


Ultra Violet Water treatment

The quality of drinking water can change with time and become  contaminated with harmful bacteria. The Sterilight Silver system is a  reliable, economical and chemical-free way to safeguard drinking water  in any residential application. The Sterilight Silver system has been  designed and tested to ensure quality drinking water is at everyone's  finger tips. 

Our products are Gold Seal Certified


 Atlantic Environmental Systems products are Gold Seal Certified  by the WQA (Water Quality Association) and our manufacturing facility  and products are also certified by the CSA (Canadian Standards  Association) and the NSF (National Science Foundation).  We are proud of  our partnerships and of the hard work our entire team has made to build  our company to where it is today. 

Lifetime Warranty


Our superior line of products are designed to meet high standards and  are built to last with quality parts and components. Each and every AES  product passes a rigorous inspection routine required to ensure  customer satisfaction. We have the best Warranty in the business with a  lifetime warranty on many of our parts and components and we service  what we sell, so rest assured we have your best interest as the customer  in mind.